Sunday, November 07, 2010

The touch

As an artist when I visit a gallery or museum I want to touch a work of art. I want to feel the brush strokes. I want to feel a Van Gogh some day. There are different kinds of paint and different kinds of strokes, like different kinds of snow, or now, after having lived in the desert, there are different kinds of sand. You feel it and know, oh, its that kind of sand. Paintings are like that too. You can feel the difference between oil or acrylic or full body or fluid. That touch breaths life into the painting.

But as my girls will tell you, I won't let them ever touch a painting or scuplture. Not mine of course, those they can touch all they want.  Someone else's work of art has to be respected and preserved. I hope that my grandkids and their kids one day touch my paintings and feel my presence in those brush strokes.


Kelly said...

what a beautiful sweet true. Your love for your art is so apparent, how blessed you are to find what brings you happiness.

jabbott said...

Well said Renee. I enjoy watching my kids run their fingers across the paint on my canvases. They're fully engaged with the piece and thinking about it.